Hey you, it’s me.

your wife. I knew you’d find me eventually you lucky sod.

but no, seriously.

thanks for putting up with me for longer than 6 months. (or if we haven’t known each other for very long, then I hope that tiny incline you had to marry me persists for the next however many years – hopefully forever, but you know, we have just met) I know it must be tough nonetheless. Marriage looks hard. I just thought I’d write you a little something anyhow as I sit here single in my family home, wondering if I’ve seen you out or if I know you or if you’re half way across the world and we have yet to meet. I’m secretly cute like that. But you know that already.

I kinda hope you have some cool second name that just fits mine. I don’t want to have to adopt a name like “douche” or “banana hammock” (if you’re a friends fan, you’ll know about this one. if you’re not, then we need a divorce)

I hope we can lay in our double bed with our glasses and pjs on, both reading and doing our own things but being completely together. I hope you read, actually. Like, actual books.

I hope you are a nerd and completely cool all at the same time. I hope I find you so cool that I question my own cool-ness.

Maybe you’ll have an accent, or you’re just so British it hurts.

I hope you dress nice and we can both be super trendy. I hope that when we are home, we can walk around in joggers and that you won’t judge me if I decide not to wash one day.

I hope you like kids and don’t mind acting like one with me.

I have a tea addiction, so I hope you’re ready for that. If you don’t like english tea, you need to sort yourself out.

I hope you interest me everyday and that you don’t mind if I work late or fall asleep by 7pm

I hope we eat out lots, or just eat lots in general.

I hope we can travel and be cool.

I actually hope that we don’t fight, ever. But I understand if we need to sometimes. And I forgive you. I’m sorry too.

Hopefully I don’t meet you when we are one hundred years old and can no longer tell each other stories about our lives

It would be pretty cool knowing we made it to one hundred though, you don’t see that often.

I say ‘cool’ quite a lot, I hope you’re okay with that.

I actually find quite a lot of things cool, I hope you do too. I hope that even if you don’t, you are sarcastic and at least pretend.

I’m impatient, and so I hope we can laugh about how typically British we are. I hope we can moan about everything and still find it all so hilarious.

I just hope we are bloody rad and that we can work it all out, no matter what.

If you ever see me angry, feed me cake and hot chocolate. If i’m upset, do the same. Maybe run me a bath.

I hope you like baths actually. People that don’t like baths creep me out. How can you hate baths?

So yeah, wherever you are in the world, I’m here in April 2015. I’ve eaten a lot of chocolate digestives in bed and I’m spending far too many nights sleeping next to my dog. I hope you are out doing something amazing or that you’re just at home, wherever that is, making a midnight bowl of cereals or scoffing down a sausage roll or bunch of grapes, just because. Anytime you want to show your face, you just feel free. I’ll be here.

until then,



ps. happy early wedding anniversary to my wonderful parents whom will have been married 15 years next Wednesday. you cuties. 


Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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