Songs with just a singer and a piano. Late mornings with a cup of tea, a cup of tea in general. Books that make me cry. A good spoon. The rain when you are in bed. My beautiful family. Being unsure of how I coped without my babies. Feeling inspired. Buying a new book, or a film. Buying new clothes. Spending money on something that isn’t a bill or a debt. Going out for the day and getting home, feeling like you missed it. Meeting someone new and feeling nervous. Bubble baths watching Youtube. Listening to music on a long journey. People watching. Taking photos of food and eating out. All of the places I have seen, the things that I have experienced. Getting a text from someone unexpected. Getting a text. Having a text waiting for when you wake up. Naps in the afternoon. Fireplaces with real fire. Waking up really early on Christmas Day. Laughing. Lazy days watching TV. Seeing something clean that was previously dirty. Clearing out old things. A good sleep after good sex. Being in the sun. An orange juice or a Pepsi with ice. A pinacolada. Putting on a full face of make up and taking it off at the end of the day. Using new beauty bits. Showers when I’m hung-over. Musicals and late night browsing. Finding a quote that relates to everything at that moment. Scrolling through Instagram and feeling instantly good. Being drunk and dancing. Singing when nobody is in the house. Planning something exciting. Theme parks and sitting by a pool. Feeling good when you finally get out and exercise. Making time to cuddle the dog. Making time to be on my own. Spontaneous days and nights. Going through my memory box and reminiscing. Sleeping with a pillow or my bear. White Chocolate. Getting flowers. Buying people presents. Finding the good in something bad. Every time.

Quite often, we forget what it’s all about. I spend hours a day looking over other people’s lives, wishing I had something I don’t. I rarely stop to focus on everything that makes me happy. I’m not sure any of us do. I am incredibly lucky but I will always wish for better, plan to be better, hope that things will get better. I need to take more time to remember the things that I do appreciate. The things that will always be enough. The little things. 

What makes you happy? Comment below 😉



Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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