I luuurve living in London – or at least a 20 minute train ride away. The Summer (which in LDN consists of around 6 days of pure sunshine) is upon us and so yesterday, I took to the town to spend money, dine out an eat ice cream by the thames. SO GOOD.  We spent the majority of our day down Oxford Street hitting the shops. You can’t go wrong with Oxford Street as it’s all high street but better. You could probably spend an entire 24 hours walking around the Oxford Street Topshop and it may be one of my fav places ever. You can find out what I bought on Sunday’s post but it’s all made me very excited to get away and wear all my beaut summery clothes.

Next stop – Carnaby. For those that don’t know Carnaby Street, it’s just down the road and here lies the hipsters. Those that shop in Dr Martin and Fred Perry. Yesterday, we discovered Kingly Court which is a super cute food court with restaurants and bars and juice cafes all joined by a little alfresco area in the middle. We decided to try out The Rum Kitchen as you cannot go wrong with a Pinacolada on a hot day.

IMG_0035_2 IMG_0036_2 IMG_0040_2

We went for the Rumbustion and Rubin Carter cocktails which were pricey at £8 but so good. Definitely needed after walking around for 5 hours. We’re talking a lot of rum, passionfruit, coconut, apricot – summer in a drink basically.

To eat we decided to go for the Island Spiced Baby Shrimp which were amazinggg. We then though we’d halve two burgers and try both and ordered a side of sweet potato fries and rice and peas. Honestly, the sides are again pretty pricey and considering the burger size they are also not the cheapest but it was definitely enough food. The Jerk Chicken Burger was messy but very good. The chicken was the best I’ve had in a little while, soft and tasty and although the burger buns were also really good (as good as they can get anyway). We also went for the Soft Shell Crab Burger which we had high expectations for. It actually came out as a fried battered crab in a bun with lots of ginger aioli and guava-lime relish. Sounds amazing but was soggy. We didn’t enjoy that at all.

Overall, I enjoyed cocktails and the sweet potato and jerk chicken was next to none but considering the area and the amazing lay out of the restaurant, service wasn’t all that. Our guy was bloody happy but had no interest in us whatsoever. As there are so many amazing looking restaurants in Kingly Court, I probably won’t be going to the Rum Kitchen again. But, I did steal a cute beer coaster and come out feeling full up – so it wasn’t too awful.




Such a cute day in the sun. I’m not sure what it is about being a tourist for the day, but I have slept a good 16 hours since. I get so so tired but the shopping and walk down Southbank almost always cheers me up.

until next time we chat,



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28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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