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It’s about time we had a catch up. I have been so busy recently, and for once, I haven’t been in work – meaning zeroo pennies – although this means that in order to leave the house I touch the summer fund, and that isn’t allowed. It’s been so long since I baked a cake that I have forgotten what sponge mixture on the spoon tastes like (and that’s my faaav) Plus, I keep buying things and eating out and feeling instantly guilty, but I am loving life and earning money is so new that after 3 years scarping by at Uni, spending a bit of dollar these last few months feels bloody good.

And so, this morning, when spring was upon us, the mother and I decided to head to Giraffe for a late breakfast before a quick shop.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I loove Giraffe. Especially when the sun is out. I fully feel like I’m in Spain or Mexico and it just really reminds me of family time. The menu isn’t huge but it caters for most moods and today, I decided to go green with a Green Canyon Smoothie and a Falafel, Feta and Red Pepper Quesadilla – literally perfect and so good when you are in a veggie mood.

I must spend 80% of my time and money in Giraffe. In the picture below (a couple of weeks ago when we introduced my dad to the Giraffe world), I went for the Mexican Burger, because sometimes you just need a burger day and the Hippie Hippie shake which has pineapple and passionfruit and everything good in it. I am in love with Giraffe’s guacamole which comes with a lot of the meals and I am desperate to hunt down the recipe – insiders please feel free to spill your secrets.

I also really love Giraffe as it’s such a good place to go for breakfast if a full on greasy cafe isn’t your thing. Their english breakfasts are on point but they also provide some really healthy options, as well as a good stack of pancakes. Full on winner.

IMG_0713 IMG_0714Being just down the road from work, (secretly wishing bad things on those that choose my joint instead of the v.good restaurant down the road – soz), It’s so good to go when I get a few hours break or before or after a shift. Double winner. Last month, I had a couple of hours to spare and so a lunch in Giraffe was on the list.

Baileys Latte’s are my life and Giraffe’s coffees for some reason are super sized and so good. So a baileys coffee it was (dw, I didn’t turn up to work blotto)

I also went for the rack of ribs and the sweet potato fries. The fries are next to none. I love a good fried sweet potato. The ribs however, were a lot smaller than I was expecting and admitedly, aren’t the best I’ve had. But nonetheless, can’t hate on my Giraffe.

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Deffffffoo worth a visit. It’s nice and cajjj, the service is lovely overtime and the food and drinks are too too good.

Their wonderful website is hereeee so check that out.

So yeah, that’s how I’ve been spending my life. Getting fat. Go me. It’s now half term so I am anxious to turn up to work tomorrow to find out my fate at work next week. If I’m pretty free, I’ll for sure get back into the spirit of blogging and baking. AND I reaaallly want to see the new Cinderalla, so that’s on my list too. Stay tuneeeed, have a beaut weekend and I’ll see you on Sunday for my best buys of this week. Cheeky.



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