HAPPY SUNDAY FRIENDS. These last two weeks I have officially spent all of my wages. A very depressing thought when looking at my bank balance BUT I did get some cute bits, which will hopefully be perfect investments for travelling and blogging and so I’ll do my best not to think about the hole in my pocket too much (whilst I spend the next month counting down the days until payday).

1. Samsung NX3000 Compact DSLR. After watching a billion Youtubers upload their lives to the internet, I went hunting for a good camera that I can use to blog with and also serve as a decent vlogging camera whilst I am away. I’ll be honest, the whole thing has been a nightmare. I have spent lots of time and money trying to find the right memory card to suit the camera and what I’d like to use it for which hasn’t been the best start. The camera itself is super pretty and despite having an iPhone 6 plus, the pictures are next to none. It is light and compact and does the job perfectly, especially when wanting to quickly share my pictures and videos to my computer or phone via the camera’s wifi or take a classic selfie. I did think it would be a little more advanced and have a touchscreen and that the video would be a little better quality filming at only 40fps – but my lack of research skills are to blame for that one. Nonetheless, I am very excited to get the camera out and film my summer as it happens.


2. Frends Taylor Rosegold Headphones. Now that I live on Netflix and Youtube on my iPhone, I decided to treat myself to a decent pair of headphones. I found these worn by Zoella a little while ago and absolutely looveee them. They are so pretty compared to so many over-ear headphones I have seen. Perfect for girls. The sound quality is very good and they are super comfy. Not the cheapest option, but make great travel headphones as they fold up and come in a neat leather case and will hopefully last a lot longer than the million sets of in-ear headphones that get tangled and lost. For anyone in the UK, I found mine from Avenue32 (also a very decent shop).


3. Gratiae Exfoliating Body Scrub. I get very sceptical of people that sell things in the middle of shopping centres. I also have to avoid eye contact for my lack of ability to say no. However, when shopping for mother’s day presents last week, I was stopped by a pop up store selling Gratiae products. I had no idea who they were or what the fuss was all about but I was pleasantly surprised when they let me try the body scrub for myself before I brought it and I honestly recommend. The organic beauty product is basically just a tub of good salt from the sea and has done wonders for my skin so far. You can immediately feel the difference as you watch your dead skin (nice) fall off you in the shower. Very good for a weekly pamper.


4. Mini Blue Trellis Japanese Bowls from Joy. I really like the gift section in Joy and I really loved these cute china bowls. I had originally bought them for my mum (sorry mum) but decided to keep them for my room as little trinket bowls. The pattern is so so pretty and are cute addition to a bedside table or window ledge. Most things from Joy are a really good price and these Japanese bowls are no exception. I also came across a really cute home shop called Chickadee which you can find online. I could have bought the entire shop, but decided on a homemade mason jar candle for my mum which smells incredible and they had so many smells to choose from (even baby powder scent). I will definitely get myself one when I can once again afford to leave my house.


This week I haven’t got a lot of work on (a love hate situation atm), and so I will fully be hibernating in order to save some pennies. Of course, as usual, I will let you know if I do leave the house and pick up anything nice. Until then,



Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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