HEY ALL. This week, something exciting happened. I BOOKED MY FLIGHTS FOR SUMMER.  Because of this, I have brought zerooo. In fact, I can’t really remember the last time I didn’t buy one thing for myself the entire week. I have brought a lot of alcoholic drinks mind, which is almost just as naughty.

Nonetheless, I am so glad that Croatia is finally booked and in honour of that, have decided to dedicate this week’s post to MY CROATIA BUCKET LIST. So here goes,

1. VISIT THE NATIONAL PARKS – Krka and Plitvice National Parks look absolutely stunning. It is top of my list to visit Croatia’s parks and have a little dip in the waterfalls. I’m not a huge fan of walking, but I’d give my right arm to walk along these bridges. You can also ZIPLINE through the forests, which looks insane.


2. KAYAK ALONG THE KUPA RIVER – I reaaally want to try kayaking or white water rafting. It will probably be a complete disaster as I’m not the strongest swimmer.

3. BEACH BARS AND COCKTAILS – I’ve looked at so many beach front bars which I am so excited for. Hvar and Zadar are apparently the top spots. Our first stop, Split is also home to the Tower bar crawl which is a must. I’m also just really excited for drinks in summer in general – I reallly neeed it.

4. STAY AT PINE BEACH – As I’ll be backpacking across Croatia, accommodation will be one of the things we’ll have to budget on, but Pine Beach Bungalows look amazingg, so saving a few pennies to stay at the all inclusive resort would be so so good.


5. GO TO THE BLUE CAVE ON BISEVO – I am fully going to soak in all the culture of the main towns of Zagreb and Korcula but I do also want to do a bit of sightseeing of the caves. This one looks amaaaz (although I’ll probably be wearing my arm bands)

Otok Bisevo, 17.08.2012 - Modra spilja, prirodni fenomen u uvali Balun

There is SO MANY THINGS ON MY LIST, making my trip to Croatia my best buy for this week. I will be creating a travel section on thehouseonthegreen so that you can keeep fully up to date through my video blog but this is just a sneak peek into my plans.

Stay tuned and have the best week!



ps. this is me and my best friend on our last trip to Pula, Croatia.


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