HI THERE FRIENDS. I am so so sorry that last week’s best buys is going up a couple of days late. Truth is, I spent A LOT of last week, spending money but then took myself to Nottingham on Saturday and have basically been hungover ever since. Had the cutest weekend, eating at Bills Restaurant, getting drunk in Market Bar and falling asleep in Nandos and so come Sunday, I could barely form a full sentence. I did however, buy lots of beaut things – so many in fact, I’ve had to just choose a couple of my favs. SO HERE GOES –

1. TOPSHOP’S 3/4 SLEEVE CROCHET TOP – I brought some really cute things from Topshop this weekend, something I haven’t done in a little while. The top I wore out Saturday night is amongst my fav buys. It’s comfy, can be dressed up and down and with a cropped cami underneath looks super cute. I’ve also been hunting for a decent purple lipstick and when I found Topshop’s Matte Lip Bullet in the shade of Call Me Queen Bee, I had to get it. Very Kylie Jenner and I’ve lived in it ever since.

11021213_10152545937611734_1278490870027854666_n  11014667_10152545479546734_1243039475090592778_n

2. BODY SHOP ARGAN OIL HAUL – Last week, I also became a member of The Body Shop, which means you get lots of discounts and free gifts. I picked up a couple of Wild Argan Oil products as I’ve heard good things. They smell incredible. The Radiant Oil is really smooth on the skin and literally smells like summer holidays. I also got the Body Scrub and one of Body Shop’s Body Polishers which does wonders for the skin. I also got a FREE Absinthe Hand Wash worth £5, and who doesn’t love free bits?! IMG_0598

3. REAL TECHNIQUES EYE STARTER SET AND THE RT ARCHED POWDER BRUSH – I am going Real Technique crazy and despite making me feel guilty every time I hand over my items, I am so glad they have entered my life. I am not a make up expect, so I really like that Real Techniques, explains each brush, gives you tips and provides you with online tutorials. My 3 favs in the starter set have to be the base shadow brush, the deluxe crease brush and the brow brush. All essentials in any eye look. The Bold Metals Collection is heaven to look at and heaven to brush onto my face. Not only does it look pretty but it has made such a difference when applying my powder as it doesn’t clump it all up.


4. COLLECTION’S EYES UNCOVERED NUDE PALETTE – As I’m going make up brush crazy, it would only be right to update my eyeshadow collection. My first purchase is a super cheap high street option and honestly, is just as good as some of the more expensive options I’ve had a look at. For literally £3.99, the nude palette offers some really good options for everyday wear. i’ve been using the Biscuit shade for my base colour, the slightly darker Chocolate Milk for my creases and the Brown Sugar shade to fill in my brows. Easy Peasy.


That’s it for my favs of last week. As it is now mid-week, I have already gone out and purchased a couple of bits and bobs so stay tuned for that this Sunday (I promise to be punctual)

Have a good’un,



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