HEY FRIENDS. This week as you may know, I have been bed bound. So much so, that getting out for work this weekend, felt almost good (sort of, kind of, ish). As I was ill, I wasn’t able to go out and shop and so decided that this week I’d have a mini home haul – as I spent aloooot of time in my bedroom. ONLINE SHOPPING IS SO DANGEROUS BTW.

I’ve been looking for really cute home shops and came across this independent online store, livelaughlove. All of their products are completely on trend at the moment and it’s all at a really good price. Here are a few things I put in my basket –

1. COUNTRY ROSE JUGS – A lot of my room is white and duck egg and so when I saw cute china jugs in light blue and rose, I had to get a couple for my wardrobe. Instead of flowers, which I may decide to get a couple more for, I have made them my home for my make up brush collection. They’ve added some colour to my room and are really cute and versatile.

2. WHITE SHABBY CHIC HEART FRAMIMG_1668ES – I’m trying to get a nice collection of photo frames together so that I can avoid sticking photos on my wall (which I have lived by since I was probably about 9) These square frames look so good on my bedside tables and were only £5.95!

3. WHITE SHABBY CHIC WOODEN WALL HOOKS – Not as exciting and they have actually been taken from the website now (must have bagged the last one, whoops) but the finish looks really pretty on these and they tie in well with the rest of my bedroom. Finally, my dressing gown and jackets can hang up their home on the floor! (gettit,ha?)

4. LAURA’S FLOWERS – I thought it may be quite nice to include a buy this week that wasn’t actually for me. It was my best friend and former housemates birthday this weekend so I arranged for some cute flowers to be sent to her house in Liverpool, she sent me a photo of them and I am so pleased with how they turned out. Serenata did well.

5. VINTAGE AVA FRAMES – I am in love love love with Oliver Bonas and so I also took to their website to see if they had anything in. A lot of their stuff isn’t always affordable so you do have to be careful what you go for. I found these beaut photo frames which have really cute bronze and diamonte detailing around the edges. I was fooled or maybe just lazy in thinking that they were of normal photo size but they arrived and were tiny! They still look real cute on my bedside tables though and add a little colour to all of the shabby chic going on.


That’s it for this week! I can’t promise they’ll be a best buys next week as I have another chunk of driving lessons to pay for and I should probably remember that I am going travelling in 4 months time…. but WE WILL SEE, I’ve got a few little bits on my shopping list. (guilty)

Have a beaut week and I’ll be seeing you.



Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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