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I AM SUCH A GEEK when it comes to scrapbooking or writing in diaries. I realise that I am 22 and shouldn’t find as much pleasure with an arts and crafts box as I do… but now I have such a pretty book to remind me of my 3 years in Nottingham, so really, who is the loser here?!

It has taken me literally FOREVER to get this finished and I have scrolled through the same stack of magazines to hunt for the appropriate letters, a million and one times.

I just thought that rather than having hundreds of doubled up photos thrown in a box and rarely looked at, why not stick it all in a book and write down memories and so I did just that and I am so pleased and sad that’s it’s all finished and come together nicely.

If you’re looking to scrapbook your life (because there are so many amazing scrapbook collections going around at the minute, Project Life being on my list) then I have devised a few tips.

1. KEEP IT ORGANISED AND STICK TO A THEME – Every page I created had some sort of theme and it was all in time order so that when I look through it, I can see how much things changed etc. I stuck to the same colours, so my trusty silver sharpie narrates the photos all the way through. Definitely try and find a theme to your photos for each page and it will come together a lot easier.

2. KEEP IT SIMPLE – It is so easy to spend lots of money buying scrapbooking accessories and a lot of it is really cute, but for a cheap, quick fix scrapbook it’s best to keep it simple. I used magazine cut outs and my own souvenirs to decorate the pages, which I think makes your book so much more personal.IMG_0497

3. PLAN YOUR PAGES BEFORE MAKING THE CUT – There were a few times when I went crazy and started to stick photos on without really planning what else I wanted on the page. I would then find other photos from that occasion that I’d have liked to have put in but was out of space. It’s a good idea to plan each page with every photo and souvenir and its positioning so you know how many pages you have left to fill.

FullSizeRender-44. CREATE A STORY – This goes hand in hand with creating a theme but when looking through my scrapbook, I really feel like a stranger would fully see my uni story. Even dedicating a couple of pages to writing a journal entry is a really cute way to note down all of the memories and look back on the full journey as a whole. You could be scrapbooking about anything, your travels, a new addition to the family or just your general life story but whatever it is, make it yours.



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