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The time is soon approaching (A WHOLE 9 DAYS). Since the fifteenth century, Valentine’s Day has evolved into an occasion for lovers, admirers and partners to send each other flowers, chocolate and greeting cards to express their love to one another. Although there are many legends as to how Valentine’s Day became one of the most celebrated holidays worldwide, we cannot forget about those forgotten about on this day… us singles.

We have just made it through the Christmas season, singing both parts of ‘Fairy Tales of New York’ alone in our mirror and buying ourselves gifts and instagraming them “from the boy”, and yet, they, whomever ‘they’ are, decided Valentines would be another merry occasion to remind the singles that they won’t be going back to their boyfriends to try out S&M they’ve just witnessed in Fifty Shades, but that we will in fact, be in our onesie, with a cup of tea and a box of chocolates, watching so much Hugh Grant, than should probably ever be acceptable.

Fear not, I’m not actually that bitter (ahem, ha) but I will come up with a list like the rest of you of my favourite gift ideas, that actually, in an ideal world, I’d be buying for myself this year.

1. A TRIP AWAY. I’ve never been a fan of February. Winter feels like it has been with us for decades, I’m getting twitchy about my feet still being stuck in socks. I’m bored of work and this has actually been the longest time I’ve stayed at home in the last 3 years so a trip away would be a wonderfuul gift for myself this Valentines. I will actually be visiting Notts in a weeks time, but I’m sort of thinking, more like… Prague? Yeah, that’d be nice.


2. A MAC HAUL. I’ve been going a little mad on my beauty products lately and keep stalking the MAC website, which has required so much strength to behave and not buy anything. So I would use Valentines as the perfect excuse for a treat and go on a massive MAC haul. I really want to get some new eye pallettes so that I can throw out my old ones that I’ve probably had since I was 14 and MAC’s x15 cool neutral palette is definitely on my list.  Check it out here.

3. SOME FLOWERS. It sounds so simple, but I miss being at Uni and having my parents send me down some flowers. They make such a difference to your mood and so a little trip on interflora for myself would be the best non-surprise gift this Valentines. Or maybe I’ll just pop to tesco and pick up an Orchid (that may be a little more socially acceptable… just) 1465133_10151716553586734_2049066737_n

Whatever you get up to this Valentines, just remember, that despite all of the jokes, it isn’t actually about having a boyfriend or a girlfriend and spending lots of money but that really, it’s just about taking the time out to appreciate and be with the people you love, whomever that may be. If I’m not slaving away at work, I know that a night in with a takeaway, my family and Saturday night TV will be just perfect enough. (and then i’ll probably try and find a copy of fifty shades somewhere on the internet and watch it on my own, lets be honest)



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