HI FRIENDS. I am so sorry that this post is going up a day late – the flu has got the better of me and I have been bed bound, watching endless romantic comedies and feeling sorry for myself. I don’t know what it is when you are ill, but I had so many urges to get online and spend some money to try and make me feel better, luckily, I behaved and stuck to my honey and lemon water instead.

But this last week, I have not entirely behaved as I ventured onto FeelUnique.com. My expectations were high as I’ve heard so many good things about the beauty website, and they were right. There are so many brands available, catering for the majority of our beauty needs and a lot of it is at a good price. This is what I picked up from my first everrrr (and not the last) feel unique order.


1. BED HEAD QUEEN FOR A DAY THICKENING SPRAY – Every girl needs Bed Head in their life. I cannot explain how good alllll of their products smell, and this thickening spray is no exception. I’ve used it a couple of times before blowdrying my hair now and I can honestly notice a difference. Not only does my hair smell fabbb, it has so much more volume.

2. ZOELLA FIZZ BAR – Anyone that knows me, knows that my guilty pleasures can be found vlogging on youtube. This is the first product I have brought from Zoella’s pamper range and the packaging is so cute, I almost didn’t open it. Amazing scent when added to my bath and has made my skin feel great. It’s hilarious how proud I am of someone I don’t even personally know. You go Glen Coco.

3. THE PRO HYGIENE COLLECTION, MAKEUP BRUSH CLEANER – This purchase is slightly less exciting but I only recently found out how bad it is for our skin and our makeup if we neglect to clean our makeup brushes. There were a lot of options for brush cleaners but I’ve heard good things about pro hygiene, it was reasonably priced for the size of the bottle and smells really good. My brushes are now clean and bacteria free with just a few sprays.

4. XTREME BLOWDRY BRUSH – One thing I wish I was better at was hair. I’ve decided that my first mission is to learn how to properly blow dry my hair to avoid it going flat. This works hand in hand with my bed head purchase and has proved great for added volume. The only negative is that the hairbrush is HUGE and so for a beginner, holding a brush and hairdryer all at the same time is a littleeee tricky. It looks super snazzy though.

That’s it for this week! If you haven’t noticed, I have gone beauty product mad, which I’ve really enjoyed. I don’t how much shopping I’ll get up to this week as I have driving lessons and birthday presents to pay for, but I highly doubt i’ll go the whole week without picking up something new. Sue Me.



Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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