“People who get caught get caught because they don’t have patience; they refuse to plan”

Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn, made more recently into the 2014 film staring Ben Affleck, is a book that I’d never thought I’d read. I brought it a while back from the cutest book shop simply because I have a spending problem and wanted to buy a book from the shop that offered cosy chairs and cookies. Admittedly, the chilling novel took me a long time to get through but upon turning the last pages last night, I left speechless, as I wonder how two people’s love can be, and excuse my french, so completely fucked.

I am not a book critic and so I couldn’t give you literary notes on Flynn’s genius narratives of both Nick, the husband and prime suspect and Amy, the wife that went missing. I can tell you however, that as soon as the twist hits you, and it does hit you, I was trapped into both confusion as I no longer knew who I was supposed to like or root for, and complete anger that I couldn’t get in there and intervene myself. What began as a monotonous two sided story, unraveled into constant twists and clues and I am glad that I gave the characters a chance to show themselves, prove themselves. I’m glad they made me feel something.

I like a simple read, not that the likes of John Green or Nicholas Sparks are simple, because they are amongst my favs, but I like a book that I know the ending to – the happy ending, or the tragic, the young adult, teen love story – which in all honestly, is next on my list to read. But Gone Girl, has gone and changed something for me. I think I like a bit of the nitty and gritty. I think I like being able to guess and be shocked. All of which Gillian Flynn provides us with during Gone Girl.

I haven’t watched the film since its release as I knew that I wanted to read the book first. I can imagine that so many of you have experienced both and I’m so excited to see what the film makes of it all. I hope that it does it justice and portrays Nick and Amy in the ways that I saw them and that the ending, in all it’s perfectness as it all just ends, stays true to the book.

I’ll soon find out. Here’s a peek at the trailer to get us all in the mood:

Next on my list – ‘Looking For Alaska’ by John Green. And then who knows, maybe another thriller… we’ll see.



Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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  1. it is one of my fav books that i read last year. I liked the movie and people do comment that the movie lacks book’s essence but for me the movie was well adapted better than so many book turned to movies. I think you should watch it.

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