September 24th 2014 –

This time three years ago – I was in a club in the middle of Nottingham called Mirage with a bunch of strangers. By strangers, I mean, people I had met not even 12 hours before. After over-enthusiastically shouting, “Hi” at my new housemate that I had previously only stalked on Facebook, I entered the kitchen with what felt like five hundred full Tesco shopping bags and began the awkward small-talk of “What’s your name, How old are you, Where are you from? Out tonight?” – The questions that haunted us all during our first days, when we had already decided we’d made our best friends and didn’t need anymore.

I am not sure how I ended up with any friends at all, but as I am sat in bed three years later, I can’t help but feel relief that I finished my time at Trent with a bunch of good’uns. In no way, is grad life my idea of fun as I await a day of work and depressive social media scrolling of the entire world arriving at their Freshers (*pause for breath). Don’t get me wrong, the free food and family time is beaut and I am ecstatic about parting with my second home, National Express Coaches but there are several things that I am not thrilled about now that I am a Graduate.

1. no discount

2. we can no longer claim things like free dentistry or medicine (paid £18 today, i’m still bitter)

3. we cannot spend days in bed watching the box set of OTH for the twentieth time

4. some of us have to start paying rent at home even though we have just spent 3 years giving away our student loan

5. on that note, no student loan to fund our holidays or wardrobe

6. no middle of the night fry ups – this can be done at home, but the dog at 4am isn’t much company

7. hangovers alone – i have already spent far too many weekends ordering pizza’s for one

8. no pre-drinks – now that we have returned back home, we have to reside our position at the pub before club, meaning more dollar

9. having to live for the weekend – having to wait until Friday to interact with actual human beings beside your family as everyone lives at work

10. no communal wardrobe – having to actually go to a shop and buy clothes

Like the majority of my Twitter feed, I am slowly but surely getting over my grad blues – angrily tweeting whenever we relapse. I am sure when pay day arrives, it will all be worth it, but it is sad knowing that I may never have another three years like my time at University.



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Author: rheawarren

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