October 6th 2014 –

I never made it through the entire book – mainly due to it being impossible to read in a living room full of eight people and then some aaand our beloved but pain in the arse hamster (Miss ya Rich) as well as suffering from a severe case of fomo if you spent the evening hiding in your room – but the trailer is here, and I am so excited for Nicky Sparks to bring another book to our screens.

”Best Of Me’, has the potential to be a great story. In fact, aside from the typical Spark’s story of forbidden but everlasting love, I am pretty sure that it is one and is capable of being a gripping watch. The novel/film is based on the story of Dawson and Amanda, childhood sweethearts that are reunited 20 years later (i.e. The Notebook – JK Nicky) and are faced with familiar threats as Dawson’s criminal family return to the scene.

The trailer already does the book justice with Dawson being portrayed by James Marsden – not an obvious, but probably brilliant choice. If you ask me, any trailer that involves a kiss in the rain, numerous love-making scenes (especially ones after a kiss in the rain or by a log fire) and a predictable turn for the worst after we see Amanda, played by Liana Liberato and Michelle Monaghan, crying on a front porch, makes the film worth a watch.

Due to be released in the UK on the 15th October, ‘The Best of Me’ could be an absolute shamble (which as a long running sucker for a Nicholas Sparks story, I can’t imagine not rating it), but I do know this much;

1. I am yet again tempted to move to North Carolina, the location for ever-lasting love (apparently)

2. James Marsden looks very fit in this.


3. The internet has gone and spoiled the end for me and I am heartbroken – but now that the film awaits my review, I may just pick up the book and finally finish it.




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